Is Royalty Free Music actually free?

No it’s not.


First of all we should look at what does ‘royalty free’ term mean. ‘Royalty Free’ is a business model of selling that allows you to buy other’s intellectual property (in this case – music) with no need to pay any complex backend royalties!

You simply purchase a one-time license for one end product/project.

This payment covers the usage of that music track for the entire life for that project. No additional or hidden charges!

Can I use one license for one project or multiple ones?

All music on that Stock Music Market is selling exclusively though AudioJungle marketplace and according to AudioJungle policies, one license is allowed for usage only in one project for a lifetime.

If you need the same song for other media project you need to pay license fee once again. Luckily for you, the prices are amazing and beyond the affordable!

Licensing for YouTube, commercials, TV, etc.

The license once purchased allows you to use the music tracks in your YouTube videos, personal home, travel, family or kids videos, commercials, TV shows or even a movie that everyone would love to see! As you see, the list can go pretty long, so it’s much for everything you can imagine!

You will be presented with the different options and license types in a purchase process that will allow you to quickly and easily find the exact and right license type for your project!

Why am I hearing the voice saying ‘AudioJungle’?

Nothing to worry about! It’s just the AudioJungle watermark that prevents music track from piracy.

When the license is purchased, you’ll have the clear non-watermarked version available for instant download.

One last thing…

The copyright of the music tracks selling on Stock Music Market still belong to the original composer and all rights are reserved.

You are not buying the right to modify tracks in some way or another and then sell them on other platforms as your own. You are not allowed to repackage them for selling on other royalty free music marketplaces too.

You are allowed to use them with no limitations for what they are made for.

For more information visit AudioJungle License FAQ.
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